Why I’m Not Setting A New Years Resolution


Why I’m Not Setting A New Years Resolution

New Years Resolutions are promises the majority of us make to be Healthier, Stop Smoking, Go To The Gym etc.. etc..  These promises are no sooner set, than forgotten or dropped because they are too hard, you haven’t got the time or any one of 100’s other excuses.  I admit it, I’ve been one of those people who had the good intentions but soon fell off the wagon, good intentions are not motivation!

My Wife has a term for those of us who hit an exercise regime or the gym hard in January, Turkey Burners!

Setting a new years resolutions

We All Set these at some point!

This got me to thinking about where I find myself in my weight loss journey and my frame of mind and focus, it was also something my Cambridge weight plan consultant posted to her Facebook group this week.  There are 6 weeks until the new year, 6 weeks!  In that time I know I can achieve not only weight loss, but improved Fitness and be 6 weeks closer to my goal.

This is why I’m not setting a new years resolution, I am setting goals for myself which I am already on my way to achieving.


Why Wait?  I am working hard everyday on my weight loss, I have completely modified my diet, I am making sure I am hydrated throughout the day, I go to the gym, I play badminton one evening a week and I also try and go for a few km’s walk during a work break in the day.  No excuses, I’ve done that before, I may not make the gym every day, so what?  But the small changes like taking a break at work to get some fresh air and eating better make a huge difference.  So why wait 6 weeks to fall flat on your face and feel bad? BE SMART

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal setting concept presented on blackboard with colorful crumpled sticky notes and white chalk handwriting


I have real measurable goals which I am working toward, heck I am signed up to do Tough Mudder next year.  I have vowed to myself, no matter what,  I will be on the start line.  Could I complete the course today, no chance, will I if I wait 6 weeks till its a new years resolution, NO!

One of my fundamental reasons for starting this blog was to Stop Watching From The Sidelines!

I am taking control of me, I am being accountable and addressing the areas in my life I want to change.  Will I fall, yes sometimes, I didn’t really lose much weight this week but my measurements showed I’d lost 17cm over my body in the last 3 weeks.  Has this stopped me?  No way, it because of this I am fighting on and wont give up.  I wont be setting a new years resolution this new year, I am setting goals now, 6 weeks from now I will be closer to achieving them.

One of my goals is to drive engagement and feedback through the blog, twitter and instagram so please look me up and follow, comment and share your goals.


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