Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing


Its been a strange couple of weeks for the family a few challenges which has meant getting time to write anything has been hard..  I have some ideas for future blogs to come but here are some notable events over the past few weeks.


Weight Loss & Fitness


I missed a week of visiting my Cambridge consultant to a family issue which meant the weigh in last Wednesday was two weeks worth.  I lost another 10lbs, I am so happy with the result I cant tell you, this has really clicked with me, the Cambridge diet is a life changer.

I’ve been keeping active when I haven’t been able to get to the gym with regular badminton games and walks in my lunchtime, its amazing how many km’s you can rack up when you get out of the office in the day and go out for some fresh air.

I don’t know how I am going to approach Christmas just at the moment, I will enjoy myself but something people need to understand is that if I don’t eat “nice” food or drink alcohol it doesn’t necessarily mean im not enjoying myself.  This I know is hard for balancing act for my wife who has my best interests at heart, I do tend to punish /  prove to myself I can be strict, sometimes too strict which hampers enjoyment and its those close to you that see it.  My wife is just making sure I am not being too much of worry head which I do really appreciate.


Turkey Burning

Im sure some of you are already thinking about what you will be doing post Christmas / New Year celebrations to start a new health regime.  Here are some of my thoughts and experiences.


  1. ‘Small lasting changes are the key to success.Why wait till the new year?  If you aren’t happy or need to do something start now!
  2. Small lasting changes are the key to success.
  3. If you feel a guided diet like Cambridge would work then do your homework, I’m happy to answer any questions but from my experience the Cambridge diet clicked for me, for you it may be something different.  You can read more on the Cambridge diet here Cambridge Weight Plan and I also wrote a small blog on my Cambridge diet Cambridge & Me
  4. You don’t need a big expensive 12 month gym membership I wrote a post before See Here where I talk about the no frill gym I use.  I have to say thought you cant beat getting out in the fresh air and finding time to go for walk, its not going to set the world alight but keep active and walking every day will help keep your fire stoked and its the small changes which will have the longer term impact.
  5. Finally, don’t beat yourself up, make sure you’re ready and have the right focus and reason for embarking on any change, you will know if you’re ready and its OK if you need some more time to get your focus .



This probably warrants a blog post in its own right but I went to see a band called Walking On Cars at the 02 Academy in Oxford at the end of November.  I liked the band before I saw them live and I was blown away and a fan after.  If you have ever been to a live performance you know that nothing beats the atmosphere and loud live sound, they were excellent and I urge you to check them out…


Eating Out

Yes, I can eat out whilst dieting! Myself and my better half had the rare opportunity of a night out, which was very much needed after some recent events.  We had been told that the chain Miller & Carter was good and a new restaurant had opened nearby which we decided to check out.  WoW!  Superb steak and atmosphere which puts to shame some very well know chefs own steak restaurants!  I know steak is very subjective but I have tried many restaurants and this would make it onto the top 1o if not 5 for steak.



I’m looking into how I can share my Spotify playlists on here with you all, if anyone has any experience of doing this on WordPress please let me know 🙂


Christmas Shopping

Almost done, a very successful trip to Westfield and good old Amazon ( prime ) and I think its just about done.


Tech Reviews

I’m planning some reviews on tech items in the coming weeks the first are some Kit Sound wireless headphones.  I am looking to do some more reviews so if anyone can recommend or put me in the direction of suppliers of items you would like to see let me know..



I’ve added ads at the bottom of the page, it would be very helpful if you would click on anything that’s of interest to you..  If you find them too much please let me know as I don’t want them to take over the site.


So we are all caught up, I will try and write the planned blogs in advance and schedule them over this month.  Please let me know if you have any feedback or topics to cover.

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