Tough Mudder Diary #2

2017 has begun and i’m fully aware that there is 122 days to go until my Tough Mudder.  I’ve been training over the holidays and its been going well, now its time to kick on.

Earlier this morning I hit the gym and did a good cardio session, time was tight but no excuses!  One thing I have been struggling with is energy.  I’m running a large calorie deficit as part of my weight loss programme which coupled with cardio and weight training is proving challenging.

I am seeing my Cambridge consultant tomorrow and i’m going to talk about possibly stepping up a level. Like everything in this world, its about balance.

I’ve still only told 2 friends that i’m taking part in Tough Mudder, I still don’t feel comfortable telling them.  Its not that I don’t want to commit, I have, I think I want to surprise people. The same goes with my weight loss, nobody actually mentions it to me, a few have but most are talking amongst themselves.  I prefer it that way, I think…  My wife who knows me best will disagree as I always ask if people have said anything.  To know me is to love me 🙂

Tomorrow will be easier than today and today was easier than yesterday!


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