Tough Mudder Diary #1 143 Days To Go




143 Days


As a regular item on this blog I am going to keep a diary of my preparation for Tough Mudder next year.  There is now 143 days until I am on the start line..

My plan has always been to get to January having shifted a considerable amount of weight then begin “Mudder Training” in the new year.  This is not a new years resolution, you know how I feel about them lol.  Tough Mudder will serve multiple goals / targets for me, the first was to commit to it, it has in turn helped me have a long distance goal for my weigh loss.

I made myself a promise that I will be on the start line on May 6th.  My weight loss has gone exceptionally well, I am on my weight loss journey and achieving great results thanks to the Cambridge Weight Plan.  Now we are getting close to where we climb the next mountain and step it up a gear.

Christmas is going to be a busy time and is no time to lose focus.  I will enjoy myself but there is also time to get in some training and some walks so no excuses.

I hope you will check in regularly and follow my progress, please leave comments if you too are preparing for tough mudder or are on a weight loss journey.




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