No I haven’t gone mad, I know its not Wednesday… My consultant is on leave for the festive period so she has kindly setup a drop in with another person today.

I got onto the scales this morning and I have broken into the next stone category, I am so chuffed with myself.  Christmas is always a difficult time of year but I have been focused and kept my goal in mind.  I will wait till this evening to see what the consultants scales say but I know its moving down.

Christmas Celebrations

I’ve met a few friends and had a party this month but I have managed to not take part in any food or drinking that I didn’t want to.   I’m not going to lie, I have longed for a Mince Pie or a M&S Christmas Sandwich but I have been very strong.  Its been months now, in fact I cant remember the last time I had a drink, I am really not bothered to be honest that hasn’t been a problem.  What I did long for was, a Costa Coffee Amaretto Latte…  I love my coffee and I love all things Amaretto so these were two combinations I could resist no longer..  My long suffering wife treated me to this amazing festive drink the other day, skinny version no cream though! 🙂


Sorry For Being Grumpy

I was speaking with my wife the other day and I realised that I have been coming across sometimes as Mr Grumpy.  I have got into the habit of talking about all the festive food and drink I am not having and almost openly tempting and then punishing myself.

I didn’t realise I was being this person and in fact my wife pointed out that I seem miserable, no fun!  In my little mind I think if I am being harder on myself I would do better over this Christmas period and not struggle with maintaining the weight loss momentum.

I realise this is not a healthy, sustainable way of being and actually is counter to what I want so as always I owe my better half an apology.  You are always looking out for me, and I trust your guidance and advice always, thank you x



So Badminton got cancelled last week but I have been getting down to the gym regularly.  I’ve blogged before about who are fantastic.  The gym will only be closed on Christmas day and Boxing day so full on Turkey burning mode can start at 8am on the 27th..

Have you ever tried using battle ropes in your exercise?  Talk about a burn!  doing 1 minute HIIT with these and you know about it!  I messaged a friend a few hours after I got home from the gym after using them, wow they are good!

I am going to be hitting the gym up over the Christmas break, there is no reason not to…

Will keep you all posted






143 Days


As a regular item on this blog I am going to keep a diary of my preparation for Tough Mudder next year.  There is now 143 days until I am on the start line..

My plan has always been to get to January having shifted a considerable amount of weight then begin “Mudder Training” in the new year.  This is not a new years resolution, you know how I feel about them lol.  Tough Mudder will serve multiple goals / targets for me, the first was to commit to it, it has in turn helped me have a long distance goal for my weigh loss.

I made myself a promise that I will be on the start line on May 6th.  My weight loss has gone exceptionally well, I am on my weight loss journey and achieving great results thanks to the Cambridge Weight Plan.  Now we are getting close to where we climb the next mountain and step it up a gear.

Christmas is going to be a busy time and is no time to lose focus.  I will enjoy myself but there is also time to get in some training and some walks so no excuses.

I hope you will check in regularly and follow my progress, please leave comments if you too are preparing for tough mudder or are on a weight loss journey.




Go See for yourself

Weekly weigh in update, -4lbs this week.  I am very happy with the result, I am feeling better every day and more active.

I have had a good week in terms of gym and sport and have been very active throughout the workdays which all adds up.

I would like to write more but I am knackered right now, more will follow


Why I’m Not Setting A New Years Resolution

New Years Resolutions are promises the majority of us make to be Healthier, Stop Smoking, Go To The Gym etc.. etc..  These promises are no sooner set, than forgotten or dropped because they are too hard, you haven’t got the time or any one of 100’s other excuses.  I admit it, I’ve been one of those people who had the good intentions but soon fell off the wagon, good intentions are not motivation!

My Wife has a term for those of us who hit an exercise regime or the gym hard in January, Turkey Burners!

Setting a new years resolutions

We All Set these at some point!

This got me to thinking about where I find myself in my weight loss journey and my frame of mind and focus, it was also something my Cambridge weight plan consultant posted to her Facebook group this week.  There are 6 weeks until the new year, 6 weeks!  In that time I know I can achieve not only weight loss, but improved Fitness and be 6 weeks closer to my goal.

This is why I’m not setting a new years resolution, I am setting goals for myself which I am already on my way to achieving.


Why Wait?  I am working hard everyday on my weight loss, I have completely modified my diet, I am making sure I am hydrated throughout the day, I go to the gym, I play badminton one evening a week and I also try and go for a few km’s walk during a work break in the day.  No excuses, I’ve done that before, I may not make the gym every day, so what?  But the small changes like taking a break at work to get some fresh air and eating better make a huge difference.  So why wait 6 weeks to fall flat on your face and feel bad? BE SMART

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal setting concept presented on blackboard with colorful crumpled sticky notes and white chalk handwriting


I have real measurable goals which I am working toward, heck I am signed up to do Tough Mudder next year.  I have vowed to myself, no matter what,  I will be on the start line.  Could I complete the course today, no chance, will I if I wait 6 weeks till its a new years resolution, NO!

One of my fundamental reasons for starting this blog was to Stop Watching From The Sidelines!

I am taking control of me, I am being accountable and addressing the areas in my life I want to change.  Will I fall, yes sometimes, I didn’t really lose much weight this week but my measurements showed I’d lost 17cm over my body in the last 3 weeks.  Has this stopped me?  No way, it because of this I am fighting on and wont give up.  I wont be setting a new years resolution this new year, I am setting goals now, 6 weeks from now I will be closer to achieving them.

One of my goals is to drive engagement and feedback through the blog, twitter and instagram so please look me up and follow, comment and share your goals.