That will teach me for being too confident with Arsenal, oh well top of the league for now..

Weekends are always so short and you have lots to do so today was a quick trip to Costco.  Cleaning towels, steak and some salad were needed! We then went onto a indoor kids soft play aptly named “The Madhouse”.  My son had a great time and after 90 mins of chaos it was time to go.  A quiet journey home, one very tired boy..

I managed to get a 45 min trip to the gym in and did some cardio and leg work. It is now 195 days until a big challenge I have set myself, I will save the details for another day..

People even when joking can sometimes inadvertently hurt you.  Being a bigger guy I am all too used to peoples making comments and jokes. The jokes do hurt me and I am not going to get hung up on it but just some days it hits you like a dagger..

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