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Panasonic Wireless Speakers

If you ever have mates over for a party or get together evening like I do regularly you will know how nice it is to have music playing to add to the atmosphere.

Gone are the days of the 70s where everyone had a turntable in the front room or latterly a Hi-Fi..  I’m now in my 30s and having MTV playing on the TV and all crowding into the front room isn’t ideal for a group of friends to catch up. That’s where Panasonic Wireless Speakers come into their own, allowing for a true multi room speaker system.

It seems everyone has their favourite playlists / albums with them on their smartphones, nowadays and i’m not sure I even own any cd’s anymore.  The panasonic ALL series allow for all the speakers to be networked so you can listen to what you want when you want.  I would say amongst my friends this type of setup is becoming more and more familiar and in fact expected in the modern home.

We had some friends over the other night and had music playing whilst we ate dinner and chatted before relaxing over a final nightcap in the front room and chatting the evening away.

My friends like the fact I tend to be the first person to show them modern tech in practical use around the home.  By the end of the evening we had the 90s pop right through to my current favourite group Walking On Cars playing and all this was done from a mobile phone and a wireless speaker, not a CD, turntable or MTV in sight..

The Panasonic Wireless Speaker range all support music streaming services like Apple Music & Spotify and other popular services.

My personal favourite device is the Panasonic SC-ALL6, there is a great review HERE which I think sums up my view on the Panasonic ALL range.  If you are after a solid sounding versatile multi room wireless speaker setup for your home then you should check out the Panasonic series, life is for living, so live it without limits.





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