A Gooner Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year, I promise..  I have had a difficult year since I last wrote to you and I am hoping that this year as I have been really good I could ask for a “Big Present”.

Since last Christmas I have been very good.  I listened for a very, very long time to all the noise from our neighbours and waited till the last game of the season before I reminded them of their position as shadow dwellers.  But I fear I wasn’t good enough and my one wish didn’t come true, so this year I’m asking for a little that will mean a lot.

Over the summer I was very good and patient and I avoided all those ITK people on twitter and waited to see what Mr Wenger bought us, although not what I had hoped for I was positive and open minded.  Since the start of the season I remained patient and I have been on the whole very happy by what I have been seeing but in the last 10 days I am worried I have been naughty again?

Given recent events I just wanted to check in and say I have tried to be very good and I hope you and your elves can make them in time.

  1. 6 points over Christmas – If not for me, please for the little gooners
  2. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spuds drop some points
  3. Could your Elves please sprinkle some magic dust on our medical team and players recovering at our Colney training base?

As you can see Santa I am not asking for a lot and I am actually saving you time and money.  By limiting my list this year and not asking for a world class striker, Midfielder, Defender, I am hoping that item 1 & 2 will actually deliver for all gooners thus saving you time & money.

OK I will leave it there as I know you are busy and I promise I will go to sleep on Christmas Eve.


Merry Christmas



P.s – Never forget you wear Red & White – Santa Is A Gooner




No I haven’t gone mad, I know its not Wednesday… My consultant is on leave for the festive period so she has kindly setup a drop in with another person today.

I got onto the scales this morning and I have broken into the next stone category, I am so chuffed with myself.  Christmas is always a difficult time of year but I have been focused and kept my goal in mind.  I will wait till this evening to see what the consultants scales say but I know its moving down.

Christmas Celebrations

I’ve met a few friends and had a party this month but I have managed to not take part in any food or drinking that I didn’t want to.   I’m not going to lie, I have longed for a Mince Pie or a M&S Christmas Sandwich but I have been very strong.  Its been months now, in fact I cant remember the last time I had a drink, I am really not bothered to be honest that hasn’t been a problem.  What I did long for was, a Costa Coffee Amaretto Latte…  I love my coffee and I love all things Amaretto so these were two combinations I could resist no longer..  My long suffering wife treated me to this amazing festive drink the other day, skinny version no cream though! 🙂


Sorry For Being Grumpy

I was speaking with my wife the other day and I realised that I have been coming across sometimes as Mr Grumpy.  I have got into the habit of talking about all the festive food and drink I am not having and almost openly tempting and then punishing myself.

I didn’t realise I was being this person and in fact my wife pointed out that I seem miserable, no fun!  In my little mind I think if I am being harder on myself I would do better over this Christmas period and not struggle with maintaining the weight loss momentum.

I realise this is not a healthy, sustainable way of being and actually is counter to what I want so as always I owe my better half an apology.  You are always looking out for me, and I trust your guidance and advice always, thank you x



So Badminton got cancelled last week but I have been getting down to the gym regularly.  I’ve blogged before about www.thegymgroup.com who are fantastic.  The gym will only be closed on Christmas day and Boxing day so full on Turkey burning mode can start at 8am on the 27th..

Have you ever tried using battle ropes in your exercise?  Talk about a burn!  doing 1 minute HIIT with these and you know about it!  I messaged a friend a few hours after I got home from the gym after using them, wow they are good!

I am going to be hitting the gym up over the Christmas break, there is no reason not to…

Will keep you all posted






143 Days


As a regular item on this blog I am going to keep a diary of my preparation for Tough Mudder next year.  There is now 143 days until I am on the start line..

My plan has always been to get to January having shifted a considerable amount of weight then begin “Mudder Training” in the new year.  This is not a new years resolution, you know how I feel about them lol.  Tough Mudder will serve multiple goals / targets for me, the first was to commit to it, it has in turn helped me have a long distance goal for my weigh loss.

I made myself a promise that I will be on the start line on May 6th.  My weight loss has gone exceptionally well, I am on my weight loss journey and achieving great results thanks to the Cambridge Weight Plan.  Now we are getting close to where we climb the next mountain and step it up a gear.

Christmas is going to be a busy time and is no time to lose focus.  I will enjoy myself but there is also time to get in some training and some walks so no excuses.

I hope you will check in regularly and follow my progress, please leave comments if you too are preparing for tough mudder or are on a weight loss journey.




Go See for yourself www.toughmudder.co.uk


Its been a strange couple of weeks for the family a few challenges which has meant getting time to write anything has been hard..  I have some ideas for future blogs to come but here are some notable events over the past few weeks.


Weight Loss & Fitness


I missed a week of visiting my Cambridge consultant to a family issue which meant the weigh in last Wednesday was two weeks worth.  I lost another 10lbs, I am so happy with the result I cant tell you, this has really clicked with me, the Cambridge diet is a life changer.

I’ve been keeping active when I haven’t been able to get to the gym with regular badminton games and walks in my lunchtime, its amazing how many km’s you can rack up when you get out of the office in the day and go out for some fresh air.

I don’t know how I am going to approach Christmas just at the moment, I will enjoy myself but something people need to understand is that if I don’t eat “nice” food or drink alcohol it doesn’t necessarily mean im not enjoying myself.  This I know is hard for balancing act for my wife who has my best interests at heart, I do tend to punish /  prove to myself I can be strict, sometimes too strict which hampers enjoyment and its those close to you that see it.  My wife is just making sure I am not being too much of worry head which I do really appreciate.


Turkey Burning

Im sure some of you are already thinking about what you will be doing post Christmas / New Year celebrations to start a new health regime.  Here are some of my thoughts and experiences.


  1. ‘Small lasting changes are the key to success.Why wait till the new year?  If you aren’t happy or need to do something start now!
  2. Small lasting changes are the key to success.
  3. If you feel a guided diet like Cambridge would work then do your homework, I’m happy to answer any questions but from my experience the Cambridge diet clicked for me, for you it may be something different.  You can read more on the Cambridge diet here Cambridge Weight Plan and I also wrote a small blog on my Cambridge diet Cambridge & Me
  4. You don’t need a big expensive 12 month gym membership I wrote a post before See Here where I talk about the no frill gym I use.  I have to say thought you cant beat getting out in the fresh air and finding time to go for walk, its not going to set the world alight but keep active and walking every day will help keep your fire stoked and its the small changes which will have the longer term impact.
  5. Finally, don’t beat yourself up, make sure you’re ready and have the right focus and reason for embarking on any change, you will know if you’re ready and its OK if you need some more time to get your focus .



This probably warrants a blog post in its own right but I went to see a band called Walking On Cars at the 02 Academy in Oxford at the end of November.  I liked the band before I saw them live and I was blown away and a fan after.  If you have ever been to a live performance you know that nothing beats the atmosphere and loud live sound, they were excellent and I urge you to check them out…


Eating Out

Yes, I can eat out whilst dieting! Myself and my better half had the rare opportunity of a night out, which was very much needed after some recent events.  We had been told that the chain Miller & Carter was good and a new restaurant had opened nearby which we decided to check out.  WoW!  Superb steak and atmosphere which puts to shame some very well know chefs own steak restaurants!  I know steak is very subjective but I have tried many restaurants and this would make it onto the top 1o if not 5 for steak.



I’m looking into how I can share my Spotify playlists on here with you all, if anyone has any experience of doing this on WordPress please let me know 🙂


Christmas Shopping

Almost done, a very successful trip to Westfield and good old Amazon ( prime ) and I think its just about done.


Tech Reviews

I’m planning some reviews on tech items in the coming weeks the first are some Kit Sound wireless headphones.  I am looking to do some more reviews so if anyone can recommend or put me in the direction of suppliers of items you would like to see let me know..



I’ve added ads at the bottom of the page, it would be very helpful if you would click on anything that’s of interest to you..  If you find them too much please let me know as I don’t want them to take over the site.


So we are all caught up, I will try and write the planned blogs in advance and schedule them over this month.  Please let me know if you have any feedback or topics to cover.


Dont Be The 99%

I was watching a video by Christian Guzman of Alphalete the other day and in the final few minutes of his VLOG I think VLOG 5.  The interesting take away that I took was where he talks about success and the road you need to take to reach your goal.  Something that really stuck for me is that you need to stay the course, be strong and don’t give up, and be like the 99%.  Its the 99% part that I keep thinking about, and its so true!  The example Christian gave was around YouTube success and how he started with very low activity on his channel but it grew slowly until he made big gains after a few years of trying.    This website and personal journey is what I have reflected on and how small my visitor numbers are now I have given thought to my goals and why I am doing this and will anyone read what I am writing.

Setting a goal for the site and having success is all well and good but my goals are also personal targets, and assessments on my progress and a log of my highs and lows.  I am sure hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have thought, Id like to have a website or blog but the 99% will more than likely fail.  This is not a criticism, its who we are as human beings, you may fail in one area only to excel at another, it all comes down to you motivation and passion, a blog is a nice idea that many people look at but often it involves more thought and planning than people think.

The motivation is another key factor, you need the fire in you or under your ass to keep going, to change, evolve and grow your site, for some its money, other its hobbies / interests to share with people, others its more personal and emotional.   One thing is for sure, success whatever that is to you means commitment and dedication the odds are staked against you and most will give up but if you really want it, stay the course achieve your goals and get after it!