Happy New Year


Welcome to 2017, I hope you all had a fantastic new years!  It is tradition in the COLPOW house for First Footing on new years day, and being the dark haired lucky charm I am ( cough ) this honour falls to me.

We as a family have a lot to achieve this year and have some big goals for 2017, and I look forward to sharing  them with you all.

So I am saying goodbye to 2016, it had some massive highs and bitter lows but what matters is that we go into 2017 positively and take each day as a new challenge.

Come join me on the mad life changing journey that is ahead.


Boxing Day Sales 2016

First things first,  I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas Day, whatever you did to celebrate.


Be Brave Be Bold – I am going into the Boxing Day Sales 2016, my first ever Boxing Day Sale shopping!

In my 30+ years I have never hit the shops on Boxing day and this year I have decided to brave it.


Well quite simple really, this year is the first year for a long time that due to my weight loss I need some new clothes urgently!  The rate I have been going I have been making do with Jeans which are pulled as tight as I can do the belt and tops that hang on me.  I said to my wife the other day that I look like i’m wearing oversized clown clothes!

I still have a while to go but I will be stepping up my training for Tough Mudder in January so my weight loss will accelerate so I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that wont last long.  This is a good problem to have, I am glad to be in this situation but I just need some bits to see me through this changing period.



This is still open to debate, we’re very lucky that the nearest big town has an excellent shopping centre and all the big department stores & High St shops.  I am however thinking maybe a trip to Westfields is on the cards, that might be a bit of a shock to the system though lol.



I am someone who likes a list, but on this occasion I think I will go with the flow, below are some things I will be on the look out for.






New Shoes / Boots

Drone 😉 Seeing if I can sneak this in

NAS – Sneaking this in as well lol


I could keep adding to this, I think lets just say I am going with an open mind, will be cool calm and collected and go with the flow.

I’ll update throughout the day on Twitter and Instagram as the chaos ensues..



I trust you are all awake now and hopefully with family or friends and enjoying Christmas Day.  I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank you for following me.


2017 is going to be a great year, its my promise to myself and to you all. C.O.L.P.O.W will grow and the content increase so I hope you will join me.


Be safe and enjoy yourselves today and relax!

Remembering Tradition

It was always tradition at Christmas when I was growing up that on Christmas Eve we would have a buffet.  I bet that sounds like something a nothing to some people, but to me it was always the sign that Christmas was here.

There are many things that I look back fondly on but the reason I have kept it going is my mum.  Sadly my mum is no longer with us but I am smiling and laughing now remembering her meticulous planning and fantastic spread she would put on.  The part that I remember the most is her nibbling of the food whilst cooking then declaring “Im not that hungry” when it was time to dive in.

The buffet is something that we managed to host in one of the final Christmases we had together but its one I am not going to give up and continue even today.

Christmas is a lot of things but I realise as I get older its the family memories and traditions that hold a special place in my heart.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas whatever you’re doing…



A Gooner Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year, I promise..  I have had a difficult year since I last wrote to you and I am hoping that this year as I have been really good I could ask for a “Big Present”.

Since last Christmas I have been very good.  I listened for a very, very long time to all the noise from our neighbours and waited till the last game of the season before I reminded them of their position as shadow dwellers.  But I fear I wasn’t good enough and my one wish didn’t come true, so this year I’m asking for a little that will mean a lot.

Over the summer I was very good and patient and I avoided all those ITK people on twitter and waited to see what Mr Wenger bought us, although not what I had hoped for I was positive and open minded.  Since the start of the season I remained patient and I have been on the whole very happy by what I have been seeing but in the last 10 days I am worried I have been naughty again?

Given recent events I just wanted to check in and say I have tried to be very good and I hope you and your elves can make them in time.

  1. 6 points over Christmas – If not for me, please for the little gooners
  2. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spuds drop some points
  3. Could your Elves please sprinkle some magic dust on our medical team and players recovering at our Colney training base?

As you can see Santa I am not asking for a lot and I am actually saving you time and money.  By limiting my list this year and not asking for a world class striker, Midfielder, Defender, I am hoping that item 1 & 2 will actually deliver for all gooners thus saving you time & money.

OK I will leave it there as I know you are busy and I promise I will go to sleep on Christmas Eve.


Merry Christmas



P.s – Never forget you wear Red & White – Santa Is A Gooner