What A Weekend – NFL & A New Iphone!

I have suddenly realised Wednesday was going fast and I hadn’t updated on the fantastic weekend that’s just gone.  I love busy weekends where you feel like you are not just catching up on the week’s chores.

If my wife is reading this right now she probably has eyes like saucers and will be sending me a WhatsApp message.  Joking aside in our house ( under my wife’s careful stewardship ) we try as much as possible to keep on top of washing and the house being tidied throughout the week so that when the weekend comes we can spend time out with our son and actually enjoy the weekend.



I don’t know about you but I love Friday evenings, the week is done and you can unwind and look forward to the weekend ahead.  Normally in our house that would mean some sort of Take Away and a movie but a take away does not help me with my goals at the moment so more like something balanced for dinner and a catch up on Netflix is more the order of the day.

Something I have really enjoyed recently for a treat for dinner is to make a homemade pizza with a side salad.  We found a fantastic product in Waitrose from the Northern Dough Co see http://www.northerndoughco.com/ They are a small producer from Lancashire and they do a few different recipes but they are ideal and come in a pack of two dough balls individually wrapped.  The macros are below and to be honest they are workable within my daily allowance if I plan correctly.


Nutritional Data

Typical Values as sold Per 100g
Energy 912kJ/215kcal
Total Fat 1.5g
Of which saturates 0.3g
Carbohydrates 42.9g
Of which sugars 1.2g
Protein 8.2g
Salt 1.5g


I just added a very small amount of pizza express passata sauce, low fat grated mozzarella on top and a few chicken breast strips and a sprinkling of herbs, then 10 – 12 mins in the oven at 180c absolutely delicious.



It was really cold and grey on Saturday so we decided to take the little fella swimming.  If our son gets the slightest whiff of the chance to go swimming he does not let go and gets extremely excited, this is a useful bargaining tool 😉

There used to be a fantastic local adventure swimming centre called Coral Reef, its undergoing refurbishment at the moment and is closed until later in 2017!


The neighbouring town of Wokingham has a small swimming centre so we headed over to check it out.  Hmmmm, you don’t realise what you had until it’s not there, sadly the facilities are very old, and not very big and initial impressions were not good, nor was the cost £14 for two adults and a toddler I think that’s on steep side for what you get.  The experience wasn’t much better when you get to the pool there is a toddler play area, a main pool and a smaller side pool, the water was very cold and the whole place has definitely seen better days.  Our son however doesn’t see any of this, his focus is getting in the water as quickly as he can, then getting out and diving back in again as quickly as possible, all the while telling us he can get in and out himself and doesn’t need help!  Despite what I said the boy enjoyed himself and nearly two hours passed in a flash and we were out to get a warm shower.

As we were heading home my watch was pinging frantically as Arsenal started banging in the goals against Sunderland, a good showing from the highlights I saw.

I had just by chance checked the Apple Store app in the morning and unbelievably my local Apple store had the Iphone 7+ 128gb in stock and available to collect on the day.

I’ve waited for the apple upgrade programme to come to the UK since its launch in the US over a year ago and with the release of the Iphone 7 Apple have launched the service in the UK.   Having decided some time ago that as my Iphone is my go to device for  email, web and now video that the plus model with the 5.5” screen was the way to go..


I’ve gone for the standard black model, the jet black is just a smudge magnet.  On that note I also purchased a gorgeous phone case at the same time from otterbox See Here


I cant recommend this case enough, the clear back and leather accent give you the secure feel but also look good, not something the earlier full cover otterbox accessories did.  I also purchased a glass screen protector, these can be a bit hit and miss and not everywhere will apply them, im rubbish and always rush the job.  The Apple store now have a device that applies them cleanly and accurately, well worth the money in my opinion.

Something I didn’t immediately appreciate was that apple will take your old phone and give you a trade in value if you join the upgrade programme, i only had read about the annual upgrades after you have been in the programme for 11 months, they actually offered me £5 more than the best recycle value I found and this was done with me in the store there and then so minimal fuss and ease for me as the customer…



Up early and spent some time with my son, clocks going back an hour is not a concept he is aware of yet and Sundays are my day to be up early with the dude so breakfast duties were on me….


Today was the last game in the series of NFL international games here in the UK, I have been every year but due to other commitments from friends we didn’t get our season tickets this year.

The tailgate at Wembley has got better over the years and I didn’t want to let the series pass without heading down to soak up the pre-game atmosphere.  I went along with my friend who is a Dolphins fan and remembers the games from the 80s that were played over at Wembley as exhibitions and even the London Monarchs and Barcelona Dragons!  I’m a massive #Seahawks fan, cough cough Mr Commissioner please please please ask them to come over to the UK..



Today’s game was between the Washington Redskins & Cincinnati Bengals, and was really buzzing.

 img_0022 img_0045

img_0026 img_0024

There was loads happening and we covered over 5km by the time kickoff came and we got a coffee before heading home, we will be at the games next year!


Back to work today but a quick pumpkin carve when we got home before the little monsters all came knocking, I think this fine example below is not bad for a 15 min rush job at 6pm and kids already knocking at the door..


Well thats me all caught up, I’ll check back in shortly.

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