Learn To Take A Compliment



The title for this blog note came from my wife who told me the other day taking a compliment is something I struggle with.  I have been having a bad week and not feeling very good about myself and feeling very low, so low that even a positive turned into a negative.

It may seem strange to some people but my self confidence issues mean that even a compliment in my head turns into, “Do they mean it?” “Are they trying to tell me something”  “oh god what do they really think?”

I said to someone a while back I have lost something, I don’t know what it is or where it went but I have lost it.  This is in part why I am doing what I am doing, writing this blog writing down my challenges as I try and make a change in my life.


I keep wanting to put into a blog all the ideas and subjects I want to cover, maybe I will soon but this is just a short update to acknowledge that I need to learn to take a compliment and not always look for a negative that is 99% of the time is not there.

Be positive I have a lot of great stuff going on in my life just about now and to look forward too in 2017 so enjoy the moment.


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