Its The Weekend

So, I said I would go live and I have to go for it, so, counting down I will go live today!

Just heading out with the family to the park and then some shopping and I am coming back to publish.  I need to get to the gym somewhere in between as my wife is meeting her friends tonight and they live down towards Brighton so dad duties for me from late afternoon.


Aresenal are playing Middlesbrough at 3pm today, I am tempting fate but we should play them off the park, these are the games we should ease past!  Its late October now we should be getting into top gear and putting the cruise control on and have our foot on the accelerator ready to blitz anything that gets in our way.  Also my fantasy team could do with a boost this week so come on Walcott and Sanchez…

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and chills out and has lots of fun.




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