All I Want For Christmas Is 6 Points – My Letter To Santa

A Gooner Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year, I promise..  I have had a difficult year since I last wrote to you and I am hoping that this year as I have been really good I could ask for a “Big Present”.

Since last Christmas I have been very good.  I listened for a very, very long time to all the noise from our neighbours and waited till the last game of the season before I reminded them of their position as shadow dwellers.  But I fear I wasn’t good enough and my one wish didn’t come true, so this year I’m asking for a little that will mean a lot.

Over the summer I was very good and patient and I avoided all those ITK people on twitter and waited to see what Mr Wenger bought us, although not what I had hoped for I was positive and open minded.  Since the start of the season I remained patient and I have been on the whole very happy by what I have been seeing but in the last 10 days I am worried I have been naughty again?

Given recent events I just wanted to check in and say I have tried to be very good and I hope you and your elves can make them in time.

  1. 6 points over Christmas – If not for me, please for the little gooners
  2. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spuds drop some points
  3. Could your Elves please sprinkle some magic dust on our medical team and players recovering at our Colney training base?

As you can see Santa I am not asking for a lot and I am actually saving you time and money.  By limiting my list this year and not asking for a world class striker, Midfielder, Defender, I am hoping that item 1 & 2 will actually deliver for all gooners thus saving you time & money.

OK I will leave it there as I know you are busy and I promise I will go to sleep on Christmas Eve.


Merry Christmas



P.s – Never forget you wear Red & White – Santa Is A Gooner



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