When Will Day 1 Be?

So the site is still being “worked” on, to be honest I know I need to spend a good day just getting the basics how I want them but that wont be until next weekend now and I need to start putting down some thoughts ..

I signed up to “The Gym” in the week you can check them out Here I needed to do this for myself, I miss that feeling I used to have back when I used to go 5 times a week.  This company is a breath of fresh air, whilst I am still not where I want to be I know that spending £80+ is not for me right now, this is where The gym group come in, £17.99 a month for 24 hour access to a gym with masses of modern equipment and a no frills attitude.

I signed up online ( £20 joining fee 🙁 but offers always available for signups ) and within 5 minutes I had my unique pin and member area.  The pin is how you access the building, I’ll come back to this.  So I logged into the members area and found all the gym info, rules etc and options to book an induction , PT sessions etc, I also noticed it tells you how often you have been, motivation enough for me!  I have never had this before, an online portal to manage your gym membership and a very useful FAQ section which is probably one of a handful of FAQs that I have ever found useful..  Fresh with new member excitement I decided to head straight down and have the newbie look around, I must point out at this point I drive past the place almost everyday so have been staring in the window for months.  I park up, check my welcome email for like the 10th time to try and remember my code and head to the door.  Once you get into the foyer there is an airlock portal type system with a keypad, I am used to these from my life in data centres but never anywhere else and I nervously punch in my code, Bingo!  the first door opens and I nonchalantly step forward like this isn’t my first time.  As soon as you are in the door behind you closes and the inner door slides open and you are in, Imagine a movie sequence, something from star trek…


As soon as you step forward you are met with the air conditioned blast and music pumping out, plenty of screens showing information and you are immediately drawn to the industrial like setup of exposed air conditioning vents and trunks. First order of business is to sort out a padlock for the lockers, I read on the members area that part of the no frills setup is that you need to provide your own padlock for the lockers or purchase one for £4 from a vending machine just as you get in the door, I actually like the idea of having my own padlock, you obviously cant keep a locker just for yourself but something reassuring to have your own secure lock.

  • Bag put away – Check
  • Phone – Check
  • Headphones – Check
  • Towel – Check

Now time to go an check the machines out.  I opt to head straight for a stationery bike in front of one of the screens so that I can warm-up, take a look around and get used to the surroundings.  “Quick Start” routine selected I put my headphones in then join the free member WiFi after a short enrollment page, open spotify and focus.

Looking around I am struck by the kit, all modern and such a variety, this gym is over two floors, there seems to be masses of weight machines and free weights and loads of cardio equipment, its busy but there is plenty of equipment.   The music is playing over the gyms sound system and the screens are positing a mixture of adverts and music etc.  One thing that has struck me is that there seems to be a cleaner wondering around the entire time tidying and a member of the gym PT staff cleaning the actual machines, the place is spotless, I have since spoken to another person I know uses the facilities and they said the same.  30 mins have now passed and time to get off the bike, I wipe down the equipment, IMPORTANT NOTE – as part of the no frills there are no wipe down towels you located around the gym, this doesn’t bother me and if it means keeping the price down I am happy to use the towel I think everyone should bring.

There are people having one 2 one training sessions and plenty of people around so I decide to venture around and have a look and use some of the fixed weight machines, there is a great variety of machines suitable for all sizes and ability and information on how to use them, I decide to go with the machines I am familiar with and not focus on one body area but more reintroduce myself to working out.  I did a good walkabout and found the upstairs had even more equipment and the MyRide virtual spinning bikes all of which I will save for another blog.

Finally I go and check the changing rooms and showers, for me this can be make or break on a facility.  I needn’t have worried its clean, practical functional and exactly what you need, no more no less.

The Gym have managed to deliver a service which is priced exactly where it needs to be, it has just what you need with none of the extras which to be honest most people seldom use and it creates an environment with a buzz about it and you are there to do your workout rather than show off or talk and kill time.

So I am putting this blog live now just a few days before I sit down and get the site looking how I want and let people know its here and have “day 1”


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