Dont Be The 99%


Dont Be The 99%

I was watching a video by Christian Guzman of Alphalete the other day and in the final few minutes of his VLOG I think VLOG 5.  The interesting take away that I took was where he talks about success and the road you need to take to reach your goal.  Something that really stuck for me is that you need to stay the course, be strong and don’t give up, and be like the 99%.  Its the 99% part that I keep thinking about, and its so true!  The example Christian gave was around YouTube success and how he started with very low activity on his channel but it grew slowly until he made big gains after a few years of trying.    This website and personal journey is what I have reflected on and how small my visitor numbers are now I have given thought to my goals and why I am doing this and will anyone read what I am writing.

Setting a goal for the site and having success is all well and good but my goals are also personal targets, and assessments on my progress and a log of my highs and lows.  I am sure hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have thought, Id like to have a website or blog but the 99% will more than likely fail.  This is not a criticism, its who we are as human beings, you may fail in one area only to excel at another, it all comes down to you motivation and passion, a blog is a nice idea that many people look at but often it involves more thought and planning than people think.

The motivation is another key factor, you need the fire in you or under your ass to keep going, to change, evolve and grow your site, for some its money, other its hobbies / interests to share with people, others its more personal and emotional.   One thing is for sure, success whatever that is to you means commitment and dedication the odds are staked against you and most will give up but if you really want it, stay the course achieve your goals and get after it!

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